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You may remember our previous business card experience Alesse (Ovral L) For Sale, with (I won't even give them a link!). Alesse (Ovral L) dose, Even after complaining and getting them to ship another order for free, there was no change in quality, Alesse (Ovral L) samples. Rx free Alesse (Ovral L), The black wasn't gray and the cutting was off. The oddest thing was that some of the cards were very black and others were very gray...the least they could do is be consistent, where can i order Alesse (Ovral L) without prescription. Real brand Alesse (Ovral L) online, Looking for a new vendor, we got a referral from our friend Hubert for, buy no prescription Alesse (Ovral L) online. The ordering process was really simple and they had no blatant upselling like VistaPrint, Alesse (Ovral L) For Sale. Alesse (Ovral L) cost, They were really fast too - ordered it on Wed and they got here in 2 days. My only complaint was that the card packing was really tight so a few got bent, effects of Alesse (Ovral L). Is Alesse (Ovral L) addictive, Take a look at the cards and you decide which looks better.

OvernightPrints on the left (free glossy!), canada, mexico, india, Buy Alesse (Ovral L) online no prescription, VistaPrint on the right.

new biz cards
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April 6th, 2007

Posted In: Marketing, Publicity

  • jeff judge

    I’ve ordered a bunch of cards from over the past six months and have been generally happy with the quality, but do notice there can be differences in color between print jobs. I talked to a designer friend who works with a lot of printers about this and he said that it’s difficult for companies like and to keep the colors consistent since they print orders in large batches and set the colors to average out to the cards they’re printing. He said that when you work with a smaller printer, they optimize the printer color settings to your order.

    Anywho, I’ll give a try.

  • Mark Kubin

    May I suggest They aren’t as cheap as overnight prints, but I ordered some gloss plastic laminated cards recently that are bar-none the best business cards I’ve ever seen. Have a problem with the edges of your black business card fraying and looking like crap? With the plastic laminate, I don’t have the problem any longer (my card is black also). The laminate makes the cards nearly tear and water proof. They aren’t avail on the site, you have to contact GreatFX directly through their website contact form. Best of luck and success, Justin.

  • @Jeff, thanks for sharing your experience. We probably should give a smaller printer a try at some point, but the convenience of online ordering is hard to give up.

    @Mark, thanks for the lead. We’ll keep them in mind the next time we want to try another printer.

  • Vince Web

    For business cards printing I really recommend, they ship to the US and propose very nice templates and quality printing.

  • I had problems with both companies. Not their cards, but their service.

    Vista Print gave my info to another company, which charged my credit card without my permission (and no, I did not give them permission for this). Vista Print also has sent me way too many emails, snail mail, and phone calls, even though I keep asking them not to. I will no longer use them because of all this.

    Overnight Prints…I ordered some cards and post cards from them…even though I paid for quick shipping, it took way too long (I had a deadline and missed it), and they gave me lame excuses in return. This was not just one order but several. One was not delivered at all, they claimed to have lost it. So much for “overnight”.

    I now use instead.

  • That’s interesting that this comparison was made.

    We have 100’s of people who need business cards printed all the time…literally every week. They both have cheap prices and fast service from our experience, but the best way to get there prices even lower is by joining one of their programs if you require lots of cards printed all the time. Get the discount we all love!

    Just watch the edges aren’t frayed when you get them.

    At the end of the day, no matter what cards our people end up with, they still end up making money! If you’ve got any spare cards lying around, you should see how these people make money with them…it’s quite ‘clever’.

    Hope this helps some.


  • If you want a really nice design go to They specialized in salon business card design and real estate business card design but they also do custom projects. As far as printing and shipping, they usually ship 2nd day air

  • LC

    While overnightprints is pretty good quality, BEWARE of the customer support and delays. I have used them many times and they have royally screwed too many times. They have no printed items until I nagged them for days on end. It’s ridiculous. They have no clue how to treat a customer. I would NEVER use them again….people like Aaron, a floor manager there, are plain old idiots who have know idea how to have a conversation. It’s like talking to tech support in India.

  • mkw

    A scary thing about, is that customer invoices are open to everyone on the web. A violent ex of mine googled me and got my home address from my online invoice at

    Double beware to use these guys.

  • Gloria

    I used VistaPrint to order some cards with Ron Paul’s Congressional record and website to give to people when I chat up who I think should be the next President 🙂 I used the free 250 offer. I’m quite pleased. The VistaPrint logo on the back is very small and the cards are good quality.

    I’ll probably get some premium cards for my writing business and my nonprofit from them– shipping is slow, but less than what they said (21 days and it came in about 14).

  • Ted

    Patronizing was a bad idea. First off – nothing happens overnight with this company. Second, if you have a problem you are ON YOUR OWN. I’m not the only one on the web saying this. Google it. I used to laugh at people who would complain about this company, as I had 10 great transactions with them under my belt. The 11th one burned my client’s promotion and my relationship with that client. Overnightprints did NOTHING to help. They did not make good on their botched service, they did not credit me, —– I don’t need to say anything more. If you use them, it’s a gamble. You might do fine. Use them multiple times — it’s only a matter of time before you get burned – and then you’ll be on your own.

  • Meredith

    I’ve also had bad experiences with VistaPrint … both their printing and annoying marketing emails.
    I’ve been very satisfied with

    They have great designs (you can also upload your own!) and I’ve never had an issue with the print quality.
    And they are competitive with Vistaprint with their FREE business card offer!!

  • Mary McClellan


    I ordered 500 Christmas cards for my client on November 25, 2008, knowing that Overnight Prints (OP) would not be printing or shipping on Thanksgiving Day or the day after. I gave my client a shipping date of Wednesday, December 3, 2008. On the following Sunday, November 30, 2008, I called OP to upgrade the print job to Express Printing with overnight delivery. I paid almost as much for that upgrade than I did for the card order. Since then, I have spoken to OP every single day inquiring about my order, even going so far as to upgrade yet again to Saturday delivery. Today, Saturday, December 6, 2008, I was told that they had not yet been shipped and the earliest I would have them would be Tuesday, December 9, 2008, but that she still would not give any guarantees.

    On my last order (another Christmas card order), they did the scoring off-center and I had to cut every single card so that the inside of the card wasn’t hanging down behind below the bottom of the front of the card.

    Furthermore, I have been using OP almost exclusively for my client’s business cards, postcard mailers, rack cards, brochures, etc. and at times, have reordered the same exact product with the same exact design file and received a print job with completely different shades of the original color.

    You absolutely cannot depend on the quality, consistency or delivery of jobs done through Overnight Prints. If you do, understand that you are taking a huge risk.

  • If you aren’t swayed to try out you should check out the new bailout site where they are giving away 500 for free.

  • Aurora

    May I suggest another online printer It is a pretty decent one as their print quality is commendable and their customer care is excellent.

  • Susan

    I have tried both. Overnight prints is definitely the better of the two. However, I tried another company, their quality and customer service was far superior to vista and overnightprints. Kudos to those guys!

  • A very professional looking business card is really very important in promoting your business. It makes good impression among customers..;`

  • I just heard that the Overnight Prints guys are now offering a new service. They’ve streamlined and improved their print manufacturing processes and are now offering something they call BITGIT (Buy It Today Get It Tomorrow). Is any other printer online offering this? This seems freakishly faster than the other guys. I’ve been getting my business cads from these guys for years and have been happy with color, quality, & service..

  • I truly don’t understand why anyone would disagree with that. I think that sounds like it is something to appear a lot more closely at. I really feel occasionally alot of people can be pretty narrow minded when it arrives that. Nicely thats all for now, appear forward to a lot more post and information.. Talk to you guys later. “As in life, Chill for greatest results”

  • Just 1 day late.
    What does “on or before August 11th” mean to you? To me, it meant that I’d have the cards I ordered in time to use them at the event I planned to attend.
    When the cards didn’t show, I called and begged them for some other solution where I could still receive the cards. They kindly offered to “refund my shipping charges”. WHAT!?
    In this case, what would you want? I wanted to keep the cards and get 100% of my money back. It’s only $100! Instead, it was calls and emails back to ONP when finally I got a letter from This person still accused me of trying to get free cards and quoted “terms of service” items that didn’t even apply! Thanks alot!
    Here are the exact facts: Ordered Aug 4th for “on or before Aug 11” shipping, that’s ground and yea, the cheapest way. I was leaving Aug 12th. The cards were knowingly shipped late on Aug 6th (they told me they knew they’d be late) without a call or even email saying they’d be late. When I called Aug 11 to see where my cards were, ONP was flippant about the lateness. Hello! Over-night-prints?
    Finally, ONP did refund all my money and offered to let me keep the cards… TOO LATE! I had already sent the cards back.

    DO NOT USE if you want your shipment delivered on time.

  • leaflet distributors

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