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Buy Diclofenac Without Prescription, Happy birthday Two-Bit Operation. Today marks the one-year anniversary of our last day at our previous jobs, Diclofenac pharmacy. Diclofenac street price, It seems like just last week that, wide-eyed and full of boundless optimism, canada, mexico, india, Diclofenac trusted pharmacy reviews, we started the company and this blog. What difference a year makes, Diclofenac long term. Cheap Diclofenac no rx, Our eyes aren't as wide anymore (fatigue-induced :)), but we're still optimistic, buy cheap Diclofenac. In a couple days we'll post a Two-Bit retrospective about the past year, Buy Diclofenac Without Prescription. Diclofenac dose, b
One thing we've definitely learned is to keep moving forward, and in that vein, Diclofenac class, Diclofenac coupon, we're super excited to announce the first monthly Menuism Food Fight. You might have heard about it on the Menuism Blog, buy no prescription Diclofenac online, Buy cheap Diclofenac no rx, but a good thing bears repeating: Eat PANCAKES and win prizes. In honor of National Pancake Week (Feb 18-24), Diclofenac samples, After Diclofenac, we're looking for the BEST pancake in Seattle, Chicago, australia, uk, us, usa, Herbal Diclofenac, New York and San Francisco, and you can win by just eating pancakes and reviewing them on Menuism, Diclofenac overnight. Diclofenac blogs, You can win even if you're not a pancake fan - just refer a winner and you'll win as well. Buy Diclofenac Without Prescription, So get out there and spread the word, or check the press release or contest page for more details.

Publicity in all forms is great, Diclofenac price, Online Diclofenac without a prescription, and we're really excited to be getting Food Fight coverage from the awesome guys at Tech Cocktail and WindyBits. However, Diclofenac recreational, Ordering Diclofenac online, you know you've really made it when your name shows up on a banana, courtesy of the fine folks at BananaName:

This is proof positive that Menuism's Food Fight is something to go "bananas" over.., Diclofenac without prescription. Diclofenac from canadian pharmacy, sorry, couldn't resist, Diclofenac images. Diclofenac from mexico, :)

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February 4th, 2007

Posted In: About, Announcement, banana, birthday, Brand, Food Fight, HP, Learning, Microsoft, Personal Issues, Startup

UPS is having it's 2nd annual "Out of the Box Small Business Contest" where the 1st place winner receives Buy Spiriva Without Prescription, $10,000 cash (or $10,000 in free shipping - yeah, I dunno, I guess some people would need that), an HP computer (~$2,000 value), $5,000 of UPS consulting, $1000 in document services from UPS Store, plus a free publicity campaign. Not a bad way to keep your business going, Spiriva online cod. Spiriva mg, 2nd place isn't bad either, netting a $5, discount Spiriva, Spiriva pictures, 000 prize. That's alot of money for a small business, Spiriva dose. Online buy Spiriva without a prescription, A couple notes about it:

  • Judging - The criteria is 50% originality, 25% business implementation, buy Spiriva without a prescription, Herbal Spiriva, 25% business results. So, where can i buy cheapest Spiriva online, Spiriva street price, yes, you need to be a fully operating company (see next bullet).

  • Eligibility - Your business must be licensed in one of the 50 states; average revunue must be at least $250, Spiriva steet value, Spiriva over the counter, 000 and not more than $10,000, Spiriva duration, Order Spiriva from mexican pharmacy, 000.

  • Contest Period - The contest opened on May 1st and goes until Sept 15, 2006, buy Spiriva without prescription. Purchase Spiriva for sale, Winners will be awarded on Nov 9.

  • How to Enter - Write a 500 word essay and submit it using the online contest form.

  • Other Fine Print - By submitting your application, you grant UPS permission to use the company name, generic Spiriva, Comprar en línea Spiriva, comprar Spiriva baratos, trademark and comments for advertising and publicity (of course, this should be in your favor, buying Spiriva online over the counter, Get Spiriva, but who knows).

Doesn't look like we'll be entering. We're not quite at the $250k revenue mark ;) Maybe next year...Good luck to all the contestants, Spiriva treatment. Spiriva description,


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May 5th, 2006

Posted In: Business Plan, HP, Money, Startup

Lumigan For Sale, I watched "The Office" today on NBC and chatted with an old co-worker (who, by the way, just left HP today) and it got me thinking about working and office life. Where can i find Lumigan online, It's been almost 3 months since we quit the rat race and my memory is fading fast about working in the corporate world. The more I watch "The Office" the more I think maybe that's the way it was when I worked too, Lumigan pictures. Cheap Lumigan no rx, Was it really that awkward and funny too. I do seem to remember some funny moments but I wonder what a show about my old team would look like.., Lumigan over the counter.

Since we had a virtual team I guess it would show alot of people (maybe Hollywood Squares style) sitting either in their cube or at home with a phone headset on while talking on the phone and looking at slides on their screen, Lumigan For Sale. Is Lumigan safe, The people talking or presenting would probably be pacing around the room or looking up at the ceiling (since you dont have to make eye contact in a virtual world) and the listeners would probably be trying to multitask (like making lunch, checking email, effects of Lumigan, Buy no prescription Lumigan online, IMing, etc.) since they've been on the phone all day long and haven't had a chance to do anything else, Lumigan forum. Lumigan no rx, Then there would probably be all kinds of things going on in the house in the background (kids crying, dogs barking) as the people scramble to hit mute (many times not quick enough), where can i buy cheapest Lumigan online. Buy Lumigan from canada, There's not as much in person interaction awkwardnes as "The Office", but there's a different kind of awkwardness when you have to work with someone you've never met before, online buy Lumigan without a prescription. Lumigan description, Ahh memories. Would it make a good show, Lumigan for sale. Lumigan pharmacy, It's funny to me when I reflect about it now as an outsider...Maybe I'll write the pilot if this venture doesn't pan out ;)


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April 28th, 2006

Posted In: HP, Personal Issues, Rant, Working Virtually

Buy Cialis Without Prescription, So as anyone who's tried working in distributed teams knows, working virtually can quickly turn into virtually working - all the motions but not all the output. Cialis dangers, It can be particularly difficult for collaborative and time-sensitive projects such as ours. (You can read all about it in a book co-written by Rob Oyung, buy cheap Cialis no rx, Cialis pics, my group manager when I was at HP: Working Virtually) One way to increase productivity is, of course, Cialis for sale, Rx free Cialis, face-to-face meetings like the one we just had for 2 weeks which really helps get the momentum going. Once you return to your virtual ways, here are some tips for staying synchronized virtually, Buy Cialis Without Prescription.

  • Define objectives and tasks SMART - specific, comprar en línea Cialis, comprar Cialis baratos, Fast shipping Cialis, measurable, attainable, low dose Cialis, About Cialis, realistic and tangible.

  • Track them with online tools such as Basecamp. Basecamp is quite lightweight, kjøpe Cialis på nett, köpa Cialis online, Buy Cialis online cod, easy to use, and free to try for single projects.

  • Have constant and open communications through:

    • Unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes: we're on Sprint

    • All-in-one printers that can scan/fax to share documents: I have an HP, Cialis coupon, Cialis from canadian pharmacy, John has a Brother. Doing this over the unlimited minutes landline from Vonage and emailing PDFs.

    • Instant messaging of course: GoogleTalk, Cialis recreational, Cialis pictures, MSN, etc.

    • Web-based group chat: Campfire looks really interesting, real brand Cialis online, Cialis over the counter, but we haven't set it up yet.

    • PC-to-PC calling: Skype. Sometimes this is easier when you're at the computer and just want to do a quick call with no headset.

  • If you're doing code development, Cialis without a prescription, Cialis used for, you'll definitely need a version control system. We're using Subversion on our site hosted by Site5, Cialis use. Buy Cialis without a prescription, In addition to code, once you have it setup, buy Cialis no prescription, Buy Cialis from canada, you could also use it for other business documents.

  • Share bookmarks online: is a social bookmarking site that makes it really easy to share and find bookmarks online.

Any other tips you want to share. Let us know, purchase Cialis online no prescription. Buy no prescription Cialis online,

- JC

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March 4th, 2006

Posted In: HP, Practical Tips, Productivity, Vonage, Working Virtually

Periactin For Sale, Well the big day has come and gone - I've graduated from HP and corporate America (for now) and the next journey begins. Periactin steet value, Of course, it doesn't feel any different, buying Periactin online over the counter, Periactin recreational, and it probably won't until Monday when I realize that I won't have a job to go to. But, Periactin cost, Periactin blogs, it's just like any other phase in life - high school, college, australia, uk, us, usa, Periactin description, etc. You make good friends, buy generic Periactin, Online buy Periactin without a prescription, hopefully learn alot, and you have to move on to continue your personal growth and reach your aspirations, buy no prescription Periactin online. No prescription Periactin online, The uncertainty of the next phase always causes some initial nervousness (e.g., the elementary to junior high school transition - different periods and lockers!; starting college - no structure or supervision at all!), Periactin no prescription, Periactin over the counter, but it always seems to pass after a few weeks, as I'm sure it will for us once we figure out what the heck we've gotten ourselves into :), Periactin trusted pharmacy reviews.

Well, I'll make this short since tomorrow's the first day of work, Periactin For Sale. Order Periactin from mexican pharmacy, Yup, Saturday, order Periactin online overnight delivery no prescription. Online buying Periactin hcl, When you're starting a company and not making any money, every day burns through your reserves, is Periactin addictive. Periactin photos, I think this is where those desire, commitment, Periactin no rx, Periactin dosage, and energy traits come in handy...

- JC

, Periactin maximum dosage. Buy Periactin without prescription. Periactin from mexico. Taking Periactin. Where can i buy Periactin online. Real brand Periactin online. Buy Periactin from mexico. Periactin reviews. Periactin without a prescription. What is Periactin. Periactin duration. Doses Periactin work. Periactin use. Purchase Periactin online no prescription.

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February 4th, 2006

Posted In: HP, Personal Issues, Startup

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