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FF logo 2They always say the adult industry pushes the Internet forward so I thought I'd take a look at the Friend Finder Networks (you know the Adult Friend Finder ads) SEC filing Clomid For Sale, to see if there's anything we can learn from their business, which did $243 million in revenue in 9 months in 2008.  You can also read Andrew Chen's take on it, Clomid alternatives. Herbal Clomid, Their Users:

  • Visitors (59 million/month)

    • Anyone who visits, even if they don't register, Clomid interactions. Ordering Clomid online,  

    • Referred through affiliates, search, where can i find Clomid online, Order Clomid online c.o.d, word of mouth

    • They believe they have large numbers because of their focus on continually enhancing the user experience and expanding the breadth of services.

  • Members (4 million new registered users/month!)

    • Those that have registered for free and given an email address

  • Subscribers (1 million paid subscribers/month)

    • 77.2% of revenue from subscriptions

    • $19.06 revenue per subscriber

    • 18% churn (# that cancel each month)

  • Paid Users 

    • Users that pay for products/services on a usage basis.

    • 19.6% of revenue

Their Foundations

  • Content and services people want (sex sells): Face it, it's true - there's money in adult content, buy Clomid without prescription. What is Clomid, They also have "General Audience" sites (i.e.,, and while they account for a small fraction of the traffic, these "General Audience/Non-Adult" sites account for 8% of the paid subscribers at $16.28/subscriber, Clomid For Sale.  
    FF traffic

  • Reliable revenue through paid subscribers: It's nice when you're users pay you for a service and you're not reliant on advertising in come, where can i buy cheapest Clomid online. Clomid long term, Will we see more premium membership social networking sites in the future. What kinds of things would you be willing to pay for on a social networking website?

  • Strong affiliate network: You're in a strong position when you can enable other businesses to exist, about Clomid. Clomid use,  Google Adsense is a great example of this.  Their success is your success. 

  • Scalable Website Platform and Model: Clomid For Sale, Apparently they can launch their "friend finder" network in any niche as demonstrated by the church and seniors segment.  Even if each new niche doesn't become a large percentage of total revenue, online buying Clomid hcl, Clomid trusted pharmacy reviews, as long as each segment is profitable then can continue to roll out new niches and incrementally grow the business.  In essence, Clomid brand name, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, creating a long tail 1 site at a time. 

The Name of the Game: Conversions

The key for them to make money is to continually increase their conversion rates of free members to paid subscribers.  Pretty much every business comes down to conversions - you just need to figure out what the right metrics are and maniacally improve them. 

Some Interesting Risks They Note

  • Decreased content contribution from users: This is a risk for many of the consumer-focused social networking sites today that rely on the uncompensated contributions of users, Clomid pics. Order Clomid no prescription,  Since the value of the sites comes this free content any decrease would be an obvious blow.  If financial compensation is needed to continue the contributions that'll have a negative impact on the bottom line.

  • Inability to diversify and innovate products & services: There's always new competitors adding the latest bells and whistles and if your site doesn't keep up then users may leave, Clomid For Sale.  That doesn't mean you have to implement everything under the sun, where to buy Clomid, Fast shipping Clomid, but you need to at least make sure the majority of users have their needs met - and those needs do change and grow.

Notable Social Networking Features

  • Loyalty Program: Give points to users for participating on the site and allow users to redeem them for things like upgraded memberships or more prominence in searches.  This sounds like a great way to incentivize users to contribute content.

  • Cupid Reports: Automatic notifications of potential matches when the member joins the site, Clomid results. Clomid treatment, This sounds like a great way to push interaction amongst members. 

Interesting Metrics

  • # of customer service requests

  • # of user actions (images/videos uploaded, messages sent, Clomid dose, Clomid without a prescription, etc)

  • referring link/domain, traffic source

  • e-mail domain

That's all for now, purchase Clomid for sale. Buy Clomid online cod,  It's always neat to peek under the hood of another business to see what they're focused on and what they're worried about. Clomid For Sale,  I found the couple of risks I noted to be particularly interesting.  

Any thoughts, purchase Clomid online. Buy Clomid without a prescription, What risks are you worried about.  Are you tracking the right metrics, order Clomid from United States pharmacy. Clomid dosage, Justin. Rx free Clomid. Clomid wiki. Buy Clomid from canada. Clomid photos. Clomid price, coupon.

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January 6th, 2009

Posted In: Business Plan, Learning

Buy Topamax Without Prescription, Got your own online startup. Topamax mg, Perhaps you're building Zillow with millions in venture funding, or maybe it's just you and your passion for furniture porn and other guilty pleasures. Either way, buy Topamax from canada, Topamax class, you'll find something useful from the following list, which came straight from the mouth of a veteran online entrepreneur who's been there, Topamax without a prescription, Topamax description, done (and still doing) that, and has the scars and successes to show for it, Topamax for sale. Online buying Topamax hcl, These tips are from a recent NWEN breakfast talk by Ben Elowitz. Ben's currently the founder & CEO of Wetpaint, Topamax dangers, Topamax pharmacy, a wiki company based here in Seattle, and was responsible for much of the success of Blue Nile and Fatbrain (I used to love that site), buy cheap Topamax no rx. If you can't learn something from what he's got to share, you're probably in the wrong business, Buy Topamax Without Prescription. Comprar en línea Topamax, comprar Topamax baratos, :)

Here's the list, adapted from memory:

  • What gets you hot and bothered, Topamax maximum dosage. Topamax price, Consumer or enterprise. Products or services, what is Topamax. Topamax used for, Profit-driven or world-changing. Buy Topamax Without Prescription, Everyone's got their own preferences - just know what gets you going before jumping into a new idea, or you may run out of passion before you get to the finish line.

  • Find a good sherpa. You wouldn't climb Everest without finding the best sherpa possible, canada, mexico, india, Topamax natural, why start a business without doing the same. Pick someone who's got a ton of experience, Topamax from canadian pharmacy, Order Topamax no prescription, loves mentoring new entrepreneurs, and has the connections to help you move your business forward, purchase Topamax. Topamax recreational, This person doesn't have to actually be an entrepreneur.

  • Think leverage. Selling and shipping heavy books (Fatbrain) for tens of dollars per order was tough, and took lots of people, buy Topamax online no prescription. Topamax pics, Selling and shipping tiny diamonds (Blue Nile) for thousands per order, with a smaller team, Topamax mg. Brilliant, Buy Topamax Without Prescription. Buy cheap Topamax no rx, Think about how to build your business to apply maximum leverage with your limited resources (money, people, buy Topamax from mexico, Topamax use, time). This is something Justin and I think about all the time with Menuism.

  • Relationships and references matter, order Topamax from United States pharmacy. Topamax interactions, There are countless options for service providers for your business. When picking someone you may have to lean on, online Topamax without a prescription, Topamax coupon, remember your relationships, and get lots of references, Topamax online cod. You don't want your support network to fail you at the worst possible time.

  • Buy Topamax Without Prescription, Bigger isn't better. Buy Topamax no prescription, Big teams are great for powering through the initial "build it fast" phase, but then what are they gonna do (besides burn through your cash). Stay lean and mean, and hire only when it's painful not to.

  • Be deliberate. Like it or not, your company will take on your personality, so think carefully about what image you want to project. Cost-conscious. Workaholic, Buy Topamax Without Prescription. Alcoholic. Your pick - just be ready for the consequences.

  • Nothing's bold when everything's bold. You're not trying to be everything to everyone, so figure out your differentiator. It doesn't have to be some crazy new technology - just pick the one thing that you're gonna do better than anyone else in your market.

Thoughts. Got your own list of tips/advice. Let us know in the comments.


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August 20th, 2007

Posted In: Business Plan, Entrepreneur, General Business, Learning, Practical Tips, Seattle, Startup, Web 2.0

Buy Epogen Without Prescription, Are you trying to power through some tough times. Generic Epogen, Are you really going to make it and succeed. Maybe you're actually in a cul-de-sac (essentially a dead end) where there's no chance for success and you need to quit.., where can i buy cheapest Epogen online. Buy Epogen without prescription, Dreary thoughts, I know, fast shipping Epogen, Where can i buy Epogen online, but they're reality checks everyone needs to go through. According to Seth Godin's book, Epogen trusted pharmacy reviews, Online buy Epogen without a prescription, The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick), purchase Epogen for sale, Kjøpe Epogen på nett, köpa Epogen online, people who succeed don't do so because they never quit, they succeed because they know when to quit, Epogen photos, Buy Epogen online cod, which battles to avoid, and when to persevere through tough times, Epogen no prescription. Epogen maximum dosage, At the recommendation of our advisor, John and I listened to the self-narrated audiobook version from iTunes which took a few hours to finish and sparked a few more hours of discussion, about Epogen. Online buying Epogen, As with most of Seth's books, the concepts are simple, Epogen wiki, Epogen gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, but he does a good job of explaining and illustrating with stories.

One of the examples was about snowboarding and how it's easy to learn, Epogen long term, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, but there's clearly a "dip" before you can truly master it. Buy Epogen Without Prescription, He made the argument that unless you have the dedication and resources (time and money) to persevere, you might as well not even start snowboarding. It seems like an extreme proclamation, rx free Epogen, Epogen natural, but it gets his point across. It also hit pretty close to home since I did exactly that, Epogen images. Epogen cost, A lifelong skier, I gave snowboarding a shot, after Epogen, What is Epogen, learned it pretty well for a few seasons, but hit the wall (well actually fell off a jump onto my face and slid down the mountain) and gave up, Epogen used for. Epogen results, Had this been a business, I would have wasted plenty of money and time, Epogen no rx.

The key takeaway we got from the book was that if you're not going to be the best in the "world" at what you're doing, don't even start, Buy Epogen Without Prescription. Epogen dangers, Being the "best in the word" means you'll have to power through the inevitable "dip" along the way to success. The keys to success here are to:

  • define your "world" appropriately, Epogen duration, Epogen without prescription, and

  • be aware of your capabilities, resources and commitment

Remember, no prescription Epogen online, Doses Epogen work, this is the world of the Long Tail. Buy Epogen Without Prescription, You don't have to be the best blog in the world, you can define your world to be "best blog about cute animals" and have tremendous success.

The other thing we learned from Seth is that you don't get credit for starting something then just giving up when the "dip" gets tough. It's one thing to quit because you recognize a cul-de-sac/dead end, but if you just quit because the dip is hard, then you've neither succeeded or learned anything. What's to say you're going to succeed at the next venture that inevitably has a dip. If the dip is too hard, change your world and your goal to something attainable given your resources and capabilities.

Take a few minutes to think about it, Buy Epogen Without Prescription.

Are there things that are taking valuable resources away from your primary goal that maybe you should quit. Are you going to be the best in your "world". Should we stop blogging.

I've love to hear any thoughts or stories.

- Justin.

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August 6th, 2007

Posted In: books, Decision Making, Entrepreneur, Learning, Self-Improvement

likemind Acomplia For Sale, Working from home can be mind-numbing, so I usually jump at the opportunity to leave the house and meet new people. Acomplia schedule, I wasn't exactly jumping this morning to make an early trek into Seattle to check out my first likemind meeting, but afterwards I was really glad I attended, Acomplia dose. Acomplia coupon, According to the website, likemind is "an opportunity to enjoy coffee and conversation." Friendly, Acomplia natural, Acomplia steet value, chatty folks have free coffee (hooray for sponsors) and meet other similarly gregarious people in one of 32 different cities across the world. Justin attended a Chicago likemind a few months back and recommended it, generic Acomplia, Order Acomplia from mexican pharmacy, and I'd second that opinion. Attendees tend more towards the creative types, Acomplia interactions, Buy Acomplia without prescription, which is a refreshing alternative to other meetups I've frequented lately, and they aren't that likeminded - that'd make conversation excruciatingly boring, Acomplia pictures. :) But they are similar in having the right attitude, which is what makes it work, Acomplia For Sale. Buy Acomplia from canada, Likemind's been growing rapidly since starting last year, and today is likemind's first birthday - congrats to founders Piers and Noah, Acomplia trusted pharmacy reviews. Acomplia used for, They've got a good thing going, and it's something folks in Seattle should definitely check it out, Acomplia no prescription. Acomplia mg, Hopefully I'll see you at the next one.

-John, buy Acomplia from mexico. Acomplia long term. Where can i find Acomplia online. Purchase Acomplia. Taking Acomplia. Where can i order Acomplia without prescription. Acomplia from canadian pharmacy. Where can i cheapest Acomplia online. Ordering Acomplia online. Fast shipping Acomplia. Buy Acomplia no prescription. Buy Acomplia without a prescription. Canada, mexico, india. Acomplia duration. Buying Acomplia online over the counter. Purchase Acomplia online. Acomplia treatment. Acomplia description. Online buying Acomplia hcl. Acomplia street price.

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July 20th, 2007

Posted In: Learning, likemind, Networking

Coming off the fun time we had at Tech Cocktail 4 last week Synthroid For Sale, , we've been following up with all the great contacts that we made at the event. One of the nicest guys we hooked up with at Tech Cocktail was Mike Carruth, Synthroid cost, Buying Synthroid online over the counter, founder of Digital Bootcamp, a Chicago training facility that offers courses for the aspiring online creative, Synthroid from mexico. Synthroid treatment, We visited the Digital Bootcamp offices twice this past week, for very different reasons, Synthroid without prescription. Buy cheap Synthroid no rx, John, <b>buy Synthroid without a prescription</b>, <b>Synthroid no rx</b>, Mike & Nano

The first was due to pure luck - Digital Bootcamp's demo was right next to ours at Tech Cocktail, so on a whim I entered their raffle, buy Synthroid from mexico, Synthroid interactions, where you guess the number of Digital Bootcamp dogtags in a big mason jar. Who knew that jar could hold over 600 dogtags, Synthroid street price. I ended up with the closest guess, so over the weekend we visited Mike (while sporting my Menuism tee) to pick up my prize - a nifty iPod nano, Synthroid For Sale. Comprar en línea Synthroid, comprar Synthroid baratos, Sweet.

If that was all there was to say about Digital Bootcamp, Synthroid dangers, Synthroid class, this would've been just a "yay-I-won-something" post, but it's definitely not, where can i cheapest Synthroid online. Synthroid recreational, Besides being a successful entrepreneur (DB's going strong after 15 years), Mike hosts a monthly "Circle of Progress" Entrepreneur's Meetup group, effects of Synthroid, Order Synthroid from United States pharmacy, where entrepreneurs of all backgrounds meet to keep each other accountable. Justin and I attended last night and found it helpful, taking Synthroid. Synthroid For Sale, There usually aren't many people around to keep an entrepreneur on track, so having a support group of some kind, structured or not, is critical to keeping things rolling. Synthroid from canada, The "Circle of Progress" records member's monthly commitments, so it's easy to track what's been accomplished or not, no prescription Synthroid online, Where to buy Synthroid, but the most valuable aspect is simply declaring publicly what you intend to do in the coming month and what you did and didn't accomplish last month - peer pressure and public humiliation works wonders. :)

Justin and I have tried on and off to do something like this with our networks in Seattle and Chicago, buy Synthroid no prescription, Synthroid natural, and hopefully seeing what Mike's done with this group will be the kick in the butt necessary to get something really going. Mike's doing some neat stuff here in Chicago - if you get a chance drop by the DB offices and have him show you his neat auction purchases, Synthroid photos. Synthroid steet value, :)

More on accountability to come.

-John, Synthroid price. Synthroid dose. Synthroid use. Synthroid used for. Synthroid dosage. Canada, mexico, india. Low dose Synthroid. Get Synthroid. Online buy Synthroid without a prescription.

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April 20th, 2007

Posted In: Chicago, Community, Entrepreneur, Learning, Networking, Productivity, Self-Improvement

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